Groton School
Hundred House Renovation

The Challenge

Manage the historic renovation of the 1890 masonry structure of Hundred House. Included in the project were several small additions and all-new mechanical and electrical infrastructures, along with a geothermal well as a sustainable approach to cooling the structure. The architectural upgrades included renovation, restoration and recreation scope true to the period of the house, since the structure was within a historic district.

The Solution

CSL Consulting provided owner’s representative services overseeing the design, permitting and construction phases of the renovation project. We facilitated the design process to ensure all school constituents’ concerns were reviewed and addressed in alignment with the programmatic goals and financial constraints. The final balance allows for the expanded structure exteriors and interior finishes to blend into the campus environment, as it has existed for over 100 years.  

The Key Benefits

CSL led numerous cost options analysis throughout the project cycle to realign project scope with the overall budget.  The completed project was 5% under budget and maintained the identified completion date.