Northeastern University
Various Campus Projects

CSL has proudly partnered with Northeastern University for summer campus improvement projects. CSL has acted as owner’s project manager on the following projects:

  • Ryder Hall 3D Art Studio: The project
    is a retrofit of Ryder Hall Classrooms to accommodate the purchase and installation of fabrication equipment/technology (3D printing, wood working, metal working, foam modeling), and collaborative workspace. Project will need to address acoustic and exhaust issues introduced by the new equipment. Flooring to include a subfloor base with a rubber floor material to help mitigate noise. Point exhaust to be provided at (3) locations and ventilated separately from the Building exhaust.
  • Ryder Hall 2D Art Studio: Ryder Hall would be used in the creation of a large common open space with sidebar critique spaces and ability to visually divide space depending upon the classroom environment if needed, as well as multiple screen technology to display student artwork.
  • Ryder Hall Wenger Sound Booth: This project will create a new music practice room on the 3rd Floor of Ryder Hall. The project involves demolition of the existingroom to prepare it to receive a Sound booth, and provide electrical, HVAC and sprinkler requirements for the Practice Room.