If you look at our portfolio, you might notice something. There are multiple projects listed for each client. That’s because when you’re a successful team, you want to work together again and again. We’ve worked with private independent school clients, private universities, healthcare clients, corporate, and development. From constructing a medical facility from the ground up to relocating three 19th-century buildings that seemed impossible to move. We’ve worked on many projects and excelled at some of the most complex challenges throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic region.

Take a look at our portfolio. We’re so proud of the relationships we have built with clients and we look forward to building a relationship with you one project at a time

I have long owed you a note to say just how grateful I am for all the work you are doing. Thank you for everything you have done throughout this process, but particularly during this marathon of a process leading to our getting approval from the planning board. I know these projects have their joys and frustrations, but throughout your wise counsel, your willingness to adapt, your capacity to find better answers, your keeping us on budget and schedule, and so much else have made it a pleasure to work with you.